About Convergence

Convergence is a Sci-fi/fantasy LARP focused on trying to create a different world for participants to experience. LARPing in general is the closest you will ever come to "stepping inside of a different world". In service to this goal we are often focused on consistently simulating this fantasy world all around our participants. Visually in the form of costumes and props but also conceptually in the form of systems such as economics and cultures. Do you want to know how our LARP differs from other LARPS, to find out if Convergence is the LARP for you please read our description of Convergence events page.

Convergence is a chance to experience a different life. A life of your choosing. Who do you want to be in this world? If you want help with choosing who you want to be please read our character creation page.

If you want to participate at a Convergence event and have created a character you can sign up for our upcoming event.

Convergence is build with the help of volunteer contributors of the "Stichting Multiverse Chronicles" foundation. Contact us if you have questions about the game, or if you want to help and become a contributor yourself.

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