Heimr from Space
Heimr from Space

Large change to the setting

Hello Heimr people,

During the last Numen event (Numen 6) we revealed that it was actually the last Numen event and the last event to take place on the familiar world of Heimr you have all grown accustomed to over the years. It was revealed in game that Heimr was only one of the many planets that harbour intelligent life and the players where whisked away on a spaceship.

We have changed the setting description to show this large change in our setting. From now on instead of simply fantasy events, we will be organizing science-fantasy events.

Don't worry, the old lore can still be found on the old setting page.

During the next event we will have an initial scene where your character is freshly abducted by aliens and doesn't know anything about this new setting. After this scene a time-skip will occur where your character has a chance to familiarize themselves with the new setting and possibly get some new clothing or other things. So feel free to read up on the new setting, as your character will be able to know all this stuff after the first time-skip. Also feel free to start making a new costume for your character if you want. You can choose to remain clothed in your past clothes, replace everything with a modern outfit, or choose to have a mixture of the two.

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